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Special Session on SDN/NFV

Call for Papers - [PDF]

February XX, 2018, Erlangen, Germany

General Information:
The way networks are structured and operated today poses a significant financial issue to Internet Service Providers and restricts innovation in the cloud and service provider space. New networking paradigms like Software-Defined Networking (SDN) or Network Function Virtualization (NFV) overcome these limitations by moving network control and data plane functions into software running on commodity hardware. Hence, these technologies overcome limitations of current network architectures and allow a more dynamic and flexible control of the network resources. As with every new technology or paradigm many challenges, e.g., from the operational point of view, arise.

This special session seeks contributions in the area of measurements, modeling and evaluation of SDN/NFV.

Topics of interest for submission include:
  • Architectures, applications, and use cases for SDN/NFV
  • Monitoring approaches in the context of SDN/NFV
  • Reliability, availability and serviceability considerations for SDN/NFV
  • Theoretical foundations of SDN/NFV networks
  • SDN/NFV in critical infrastructures
  • Network function chaining using SDN/NFV

  • Thomas Zinner, University of Würzburg, Germany
  • Ognjen Dobrijević, University of Zagreb, Croatia